At the heart of the BIG Creek is an A-Frame Frame Stabilizer. It easily attaches to the King Pin, incorporating a number of features:


PART NO:  950-1750-000

With a simple turn on the the support legs adjust and extend to the proper position; when turned back to the locked position, the CamLOCK locks the legs into place.

The ensures the legs will not be accidentally moved out of position and absorbs the impact and vibrations from movement inside the coach.

The is an integral part of the system. By simply sliding a flag pole through the holder into the foot pad, you can fly your colors wherever you are.

Theattaches to the Flag Pole Holder, or it may be used alone by attaching it directly to the king pin. Either way, you are ensured a steady and easily adjustable mount for your dish.

We have designed the entire set to be easy to install and maintain. Thecan be assembled and disassembled in approximately 3 to 4 minutes. It's that easy and that reliable.

Perhaps you have tried other stabilizers. Chances are that they actually lifted or supported the weight of your home. And perhaps you have heard stories from other RV owners who caution you away from these devices because of their potential for damaging your RV.

is designed to stabilize your RV home, not support its weight or lift it. It can't damage your home---It can make your time in your RV more enjoyable.