Our RV CamLOCKs are a unique Cam-action locking system. They can be used in place of most manual or jack stand locking devices and in many other applications. Operation is easy and reliable: simply turn the handle a quarter turn to release the RV jack stand, then, let go.  The CamLOCK snaps back in place, locking the inner-tube into position.


The "King Pin Stabilizer" is derived from it's Big Brother "The RV RECT-A-SET." Still using Big Creek's unique adjustable legs with "RV CamLOCK's" and adjustable ratchet strap, it allows the RV'er to adjust the "King Pin Stabilizer" to the right width & height creating the maximum stabilization to eliminate vibration and side to side movement.


Like all Big Creek RV Accessories, our Slideout Stabilizers enhance the effectiveness of your RV's built-in supports. It adds support and stability, without actually raising the slide-out section.

Made for use with RV slide-out sections utilizing a single support tube, the Single Slideout Stabilizer is easily positioned under the tube and secured with a turn of the knob on the tensioner pad.

The Double Slideout Stabilizer is made for RV Slide-Out sections which utilize a two tube support system.


A unique, versatile, and attractive combination of a
King Pin Stabilizer, Flag Pole Holder, and Satellite Dish Mount that assembles and disassembles in 3 to 4 minutes.